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Marketing Opportunity Analysis

Description of Marketing Opportunity Analysis

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C.’s Marketing Opportunity Analysis® (MOA) is a proven, comprehensive, strategic marketing planning and benchmarking tool that will help you dramatically improve your brand’s Marketing Return on Investment (MROI). Developed by Dr. Steven Ethridge over 30 years ago, and enhanced since, MOA will result in a prescription for success, with very specific recommendations about achievable marketing goals, as well as the strategies and tactics required to achieve those goals.

Unique Features of Marketing Opportunity Analysis

Using a unique, proprietary “trade-off” analysis of indirectly asking questions and correlating responses, our Marketing Opportunity Analysis measures the true motivating power that each of up to 30 attributes have on people’s choice of one brand over another. Attributes are rank ordered according to this relative order of influence in the form of a Market Influence Index. Using this same indirect method, we also measure that portion of your brand’s image that counts toward getting your brand more business and present a Brand Image Index for your brand and each major competitor’s brand.

Key Benefit Deliverables from Marketing Opportunity Analysis

  • Ladder of Loyalty — comparisons of your brand to competitors on Key Marketing Effectiveness Measures that you must manage to get and keep business: Awareness, Predisposition, Image and Market Share
  • Brand Image Profiles — for your brand and each major competitor, we compare the Market Influence Index to the Brand Image Index to identify your brand’s Competitive Advantages (strengths) and Competitive Disadvantages (weakness), as well as Opportunities to Build New Competitive Advantages, Competitor’s Weaknesses to Exploit, and Competitor’s Strengths to Counteract.
  • Brand Positioning Analysis — a graph that summarizes on one piece of paper, your Brand’s Image/Equity Position relative to competing brands with respect to all of the attributes and competitors simultaenously, using an advanced, statistical Perceptual Mapping technique
  • Best Prospect Segment — a definition and profile of that segment of the market from which your brand has the best chance of getting more business
  • Ideal Points — points on the Perceptual Map that show where you need to reposition your brand to generate more business from key market segments (Best Prospects and Product Segments)
  • Most Effective Media — to use in reaching your brand’s Best Prospect Segment
    Achievable Marketing Goals — realistic goals to set on the Key Marketing Effectiveness Measures to best capitalize on your brand’s unique the opportunity in the market
  • Model for Managing Competitive Advantage — a prioritization of which attributes to emphasize to capitalize on competitive advantages, exploit competitor’s disadvantages, correct weaknesses/misinformation, build new competitive advantages, and counteract competitor’s advantages; in short you how to best strategically position your brand for profitable growth.
  • A Creative Brief and Persuasive Argument Diagram that presents:
    • What to Say — the key message themes that will motivate your audience
    • How to Say It — the exact key words, phrases and symbols needed to motivate your audience
    • To Whom to Say It — the best prospects to target with your message to maximize response
    • Why to Say It — realistic goals to achieve on Key Marketing Effectiveness Measures
    • Where to Say It — what media to use that will most cost effectively reach your target market segments
    • When to Say — the best times to communicate, when people are most ready to decide

Types of Clients That Use Marketing Opportunity Analysis

Our Marketing Opportunity Analysis has been used successfully for clients as varied as banks, credit unions, investment banking firms, hospitals, utility companies, department stores, grocery stores, cities, states, tourism destinations, consumer packaged goods, electronics, media, overnight check clearing, trade associations, political candidates and advertising/public relations agencies. It is especially valuable to boards of directors, presidents, vice presidents or directors of marketing, advertising, or public relations.

Evidence That Marketing Opportunity Analysis Works

Every client that has followed the recommendations from our Marketing Opportunity Analysis® has increased their MROI by at least 25%, with increases approaching 300% or more being common (click here for selected case studies). The following is one testimony of the value of this service; we have many others.

“You’ll be happy to know that our repositioning campaign for the Gatlinburg Department of Tourism, based on the research project you implemented for us, is producing exceptional results. With basically the same expenditure in media dollars for the spring/summer campaign this year as [last year], inquiries for May were up 56%, inquiries for June were up 42% and inquiries for July were up 70%. . . . I look forward to . . . future projects.” Charlie Tombras, President, The Tombras Group, Knoxville, TN