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Case Studies

  • 11x Return on Auto Sales & Service Campaign
    The advertiser supplies a monthly sales report for both service appointments and car sales. Over a two-month time period, we matched 192 service appointments and 41 car sales. This is an estimated $91,600 in revenue for the dealership, an 11x return on th...
  • Auto Dealership Utlizes OTT and Sees 1500+ Leads per Month
    The dealer increased their spend from $5,000 to $15,000 per month and revealed they received 1,500+ leads per month from the campaign.
  • Hospital Sees 6x Return on Investment from Display & Device ID Campaign
    Through the Point of Interest (POI) attribution report, we saw that the Device ID campaign drove more than 1,244 people to the hospital over eight months.
  • The US Army National Guard Recruiting Department
    Before Hiring Ethridge In December of 2005, the U.S. Army National Guard was falling short of its recruiting goals. As The USA Today newspaper covered the problem: As of the end of February, five months into the October-September recruiting year, the Arm...
  • Tennessee Department of Tourism Development
    Based on our Marketing Opportunity Analysis, we led the advertising and public relations agency for the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development to design a new advertising campaign that resulted in more tourism visitors coming to the state than ever...