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Exploring the key advantages of public opinion polling
October 7, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Ethridge & Associates
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Would you like to know what your audience thinks? Whether you're in the business of selling a product or offering a service, public opinion polling can work in your favor. The aim of a public opinion poll is to measure how your audience feels about a particular matter. If you're on the verge of trying something new, the outcome of a poll could alter your approach. At Ethridge & Associates, we're here to explore the advantages of using public opinion polling.

You can test out new audiences

Branching out to new audiences feels daunting. You may wonder whether your new venture will appeal to them as much as you hope it will. Additionally, you won't know how to communicate with them at this point.

Using public opinion polling, you can determine whether other audiences may want your services. For example, if you're already a hit with baby boomers, you can discover whether milennials will like you too. Using the right type of poll, you can identify how to communicate with your new audience. As a result, your marketing efforts are more likely to be successful.

You'll yield rapid results

In our experience, figuring out what an audience wants is a fine art. There are lots of ways to familiarize yourself with an audience, too. For example, you can get your product out there and see how they respond. Or, you could hold a meeting with audience members. Finally, you can hold an online public opinion poll, which yields rapid results.

Hosting an online public opinion poll allows you to gain access to the results as soon as you're finished. From there, you can begin analyzing them and adjusting your delivery as required. At Ethridge & Associates, we help our clients with the results of their public opinion polling so they can improve their marketing techniques.

You can reach out to more people

The beauty of online public opinion polling is that you can reach more people. Most polls are now suitable for a range of devices. From computers through to phones and tablets, respondees can fill out your survey at their leisure.

Making your poll available via different devices gives you more advertising opportunities as well. Looking into the different types of social media that your target audience uses helps you to broaden your reach. By advertising your poll using channels such as Facebook, you can fine-tune your approach too.

You save a lot of money and heartache

Reaching out to a new audience or launching a new product will always feel exciting. At the same time, you're heading into the unknown. When you head into the unknown without proper research, there's a higher risk of failure than if you use public opinion polling.

Your public opinion poll can reveal problems that you don't know exist. For example, your audience may not be receptive to a particular element of your product. By knowing these things in advance, you have the chance to refine your approach and increase the likelihood of succeeding. It can also save you from public embarrassment if you get something very wrong.

You'll benefit from affordable research

Finally, public opinion polling is one of the most affordable ways to research your audience. Thanks to the internet, it's easy to launch and requires relatively little intervention from other people. Even if you need someone to analyze the data with you, the financial benefits you'll see from using such services are more than worth it.

At Ethridge & Associates, we can help you with public opinion polling. To learn more or to discuss our other communications services, call 901 331 7026 or email