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Marketing Communication The Biggest Thing Holding Your Business Back?
August 20, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Ethridge & Associates

How is your marketing communication strategy? If you don't have one in place, did you know that it could hold your business back?

There are several ways having an ineffective marketing communication strategy can hurt your business. In this post, we're going to outline them below.

Defining a Marketing Communication Strategy

Before you can understand whether or not your marketing communication strategy is holding your business back, you have to understand what it is. You may have heard it called public relations because it's easier to remember. This strategy is a tool an individual or business uses to reach the target audience through different communication types. It typically includes what you have to say (message), where you want to say it (medium), and who you want to reach with your message (target audience).

Three Ways an Ineffective Marketing Communication Strategy Can Hinder You

Just like anything else with your business, your marketing communication strategy should be honed and precise. If it's not, it can start to ripple out to all areas of your business, and it can cause both small and large problems that can prevent your business from reaching its full potential. They include: 

1. Disconnect Between Your Customers and Your Business

Poor communication with your customers can become disastrous for your bottom line and sales numbers. It can fracture the relationship because your customers won't know how your products or services can solve their problem. They'll start to look for alternatives and go to your competitors. If they do this, your sales numbers can drop and your business won't perform as well as you hoped it would. 

2. Fail to Meet Set Expectations

A lack of communication can cause unmet expectations with both your customers and your staff. Your team can miss deadlines, there is general confusion on projects, and your clients may be disappointed in your products or services.

When your staff has trouble figuring out what you'd like their priorities should be, they can pick the wrong thing and fail to meet their superiors' expectations. It makes it impossible to complete a project in an efficient manner or even know where to start.

3. High Turnovers

Your staff won't stay in an environment where you have bad or ineffective marketing communication. It creates a high-stress environment that can wreak havoc on your employees' mental and physical health. In turn, they'll leave, and you'll have high turnover rates.

When this happens, you spend more resources and time recruiting and training new staff to fill your vacancies. This can hurt how effectively your business deals with customers, and it also impacts your bottom line. 

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If you need marketing communication help so it won't hold your business back, get in touch! Our staff is ready and willing to take a look at your current strategy and make recommendations. If you don't have one in place, we'll work with you to create a tailored plan to suit your needs.