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Business Communications Research Reveals Important Trends

Since the turn of the century, business communications have experienced a near revolution. A realm once dominated by telephone calls from the office, a schedule packed with flights to meet clients, emails, and mailed packets of information have gradually become older techniques receding from practice.

Today, we see through communications research that businesses are looking to increase efficiencies and reduce costs by using technology. While we have witnessed rapid advances, the onset of 5G mobile technology will allow more in-depth processing of information and even more rapid speeds. 

We cannot predict all the changes that will come in the next few years, but here are some trends to watch now. 

Less Travel Needed

Businesses, government agencies, and other organizations look to reduce the high cost of face to face meetings. The costs of hotel rooms, airline tickets, rental cars, and more, seem even more mammoth when compared to the cost of gathering a group and using a virtual meeting service. 

Today’s technology allows for face to face meetings with colleagues or clients around the globe. Business travel in this sector has declineddue to this and other market shifts. 

Sales professionals also can save time and money while boosting efficiencies when they use virtual meeting technology, social media messaging, and other digital-age techniques.

Mobile Connectivity Required

Businesses have always relied on communication. Faster communication leads to less lag time in decision-making, higher productivity, and overall better function. 

No longer can executives, directors, and staff travel without some form of mobile connectivity.  Immediate access to key personnel, wherever they may work at that moment, enhances efficiency. While some may grumble about being “tied to my phone,” in our experience the increased control and access to information create less stress for all. 

Businesses also should use mobile connections to better serve customers and clients. Early examples include using text messaging to alert customers to temporary deals. Today, messages can come in customized forms based on data that filters through financial information, demographics, and more.

Social Messaging More Vital Than Ever

Yesterday’s advanced technology quickly evolves into today’s archaic methodology. While older generations still rely heavily on text for personal and business communications, younger adults prefer to work with social messaging services. 

In our experience, the increased capabilities of social media messagingallow for a deeper and richer exchange of information. Texting remains the most convenient way to message, but only for limited bites of information. 

Customization and Personalization Increasingly Expected

When communicating with potential clients and customers, keep in mind that the recipients have ever-increasing expectations. Social media’s effective use of data to specifically target groups and individuals has gained mainstream acceptance and now serves as a standard for engagement. 

According to industry experts, two-thirds of millennialsprefer to deal with a company that engages them through social media services. This even extends to person to person interaction to sell the product. 

While this may seem new, trendy, and technology-oriented, using social media in this fashion requires the same skills and savvy used by 20th century traveling and door to door salespeople. Selling has simply grown much more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable through the use of advanced communications technology and techniques. 

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